Foursquare and three years ago…

Foursquare and three years ago...Audio Version


a social networking site was created by Dennis Crowley & Naveen Selvadurai, on Dennis’ kitchen table no less.

foursquare [fohr skwair] , noun, a location-based social networking website for mobile devices, such as smartphones.

Used in a sentence: “That was my most amazing foursquare check-in ever, I can’t believe I unlocked the Penn Station swarm!” or “Are you going to check in on foursquare and unlock that coupon for 20% off?”

So, what is foursquare and should you be worried about using it daily?

I’ve had discussions with friends and family about using this fun and innovative social networking app. Foursquare is a Geo-location based game that encourages users to check-in [noun] or check in [verb] but never checkin [grammatically wrong in every way], to the various businesses and sites in the world they visit daily. No big deal right? Well maybe yes, maybe no.

You see, like any good social networking platform, the emphasis is always on the social. Which means, you’re encouraged to invite friends, make friends, friend friends…you know the drill. But the difference with foursquare (which is stylized to always be spelled in lowercase, which I feel obligated to point out lest I offend any spelling champions or grammar Nazis) is the location-based aspect of the network.