Forget Black Friday, Savvy Boomer Retailers Will Harvest on Small Business Saturday

Black Friday 2014 – it is the most important revenue producing shopping day for large retail establishments. The day after, known as Small Business Saturday, is a potential goldmine for savvy, local, baby boomer business owners who have a digital marketing strategy in place. Small Business Saturday is a catalyst to boomer business success. A successful social […]

client retention

Networking Secrets To Improve Customer Retention

Networking is a common strategy to growing a small business. But small business owners do not always think of networking in relation to customer retention. Building a community of happy advocates that are willing to share your brand is an important customer retention strategy and networking helps facilitate that. My friend and colleague Christine Clifton […]

brand narrative

Brand Narrative

Brand narrative has been changing thanks to digital marketing and social media. No surprise there right? The basics of a brand narrative I believe boil down to concepts like those in the following quotes. From Douglas Rushkoff, an author on media theory who said, “We use stories to understand our world, orient ourselves, motivate our […]


Brainstorming to Stay Creative

Real Entrepreneurs Practice Brainstorming It’s my belief, and I have no measured empirical evidence to support this, that real successful entrepreneurs practice brainstorming on a regular basis. Brainstorming helps me be more creative. Because let’s face it, entrepreneurs live in their own heads way too much. Especially entrepreneurs that are self employed. And when you don’t have […]

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday

From Black Friday to Cyber Monday – The Sales are On! I’m sure you’ve all heard of black Friday and cyber Monday. Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving as we call it here in the United States. According to Wikipedia, the term was coined in Philadelphia. So many US companies would give their employees […]

Sales Training

Sales Training

Sales Training and Sales Tips That Build Business Not all entrepreneurs have the great fortune to have been part of a large corporation where they received expert sales training. And that, my friends, is unfortunate. Because without sales there is no business. No Sales = No Business = No Money That’s a very simple equation.