21 New Years Resolutions 2015 Style 2

New Years Resolutions are great. I have made them for as long as I can remember and have often been able to keep them to some degree. What is it about the calendar year flipping forward that makes me want to reinvent myself? It feels like a fresh start, an […]

new years resolutions

black friday

Forget Black Friday, Savvy Boomer Retailers Will Harvest on Small Business Saturday

Black Friday 2014 – it is the most important revenue producing shopping day for large retail establishments. The day after, known as Small Business Saturday, is a potential goldmine for savvy, local, baby boomer business owners who have a digital marketing strategy in place. Small Business Saturday is a catalyst to boomer […]

The Secret to Overnight Success

The secret to overnight success is that it takes years. Years of practice, trial and error, and failures that only lead to success through determination and perseverance. If there truly is a secret to overnight success, those in the know are keeping it to themselves. For the rest of us, […]

overnight success

growing a business

The Ugly Truth About Marketing

There is a common problem today in growing a business. It is easy to buy books or hire coaches to learn how-to build a thriving business. You read the book, listen to the coach on a webinar and it all sounds so simple. It is simple, but not easy. The […]

3 Social Media Automation Tools Experts Are Talking About

Social media can be time consuming. When a new task consumes precious resources, you write it off as too much trouble. Social media is an enormous marketing tool. It is essential you find a realistic solution to getting it done. Here are 3 social media automation tools I use to […]

Social Media Automation

Small Business Ideas

Why Bigger Is Not Always Better – Small Business Ideas

Small business ideas are the backbone of our economy. Boomer business owners have a lot of experience and information at their fingertips. That information is not limited to the products and services you offer. The fact is, if you run a small business, at some point you are both janitor […]

The Biggest Lie In Your Business – Marketing Is Expensive

As our economy continues to struggle, one of the first things to go in a business budget is the line item for marketing. Marketing is expensive. Here are three low cost ways to market your business right now. Speaking – Speaking is the fastest path to cash. It does not […]

marketing is expensive

build a website

Stop Playing Hide and Seek With Google

Remember the line, “If you build it, they will come,” from the Field of Dreams movie? Sadly, too many of Boomers have that same mantra about their website. Build a website and the visitors will flow through the door. Not so much. Building a website is step one to getting found […]

How To Take The Headache Out Of Writing Blog Posts

Pull Back The Curtain – 3 Blog Topic Generators Writing blog posts is not always easy, even for writers. Blog ideas can be difficult to unearth when writing is not a daily habit. Keep in mind every blog post should not be about bringing in new sales, but about bringing […]

Writing Blog Posts

Discover 3 Simple Public Speaking Tips to Booking More Speaking Engagements

Public speaking may be a well-noted fear, but is also how smart Baby Boomers are growing their businesses. A question I am often asked is, “Where do I find audiences?” That is a great question! It is actually far easier than you might think to find places to speak. Here […]

Public Speaking Tips

Business Revenue Growth

How To Fast-Track Business Revenue Growth

Business revenue growth is hard. You try all kinds of ideas, often at once, to see what sticks. One rather counter-intuitive method to fast-track growth is niche marketing. The importance of knowing your niche: niche marketing is the practice of concentrating your marketing efforts on a small and well defined […]

Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn

We’re talking social media marketing and rather than assume you’ve heard of Linkedin (though I just can’t imagine that you haven’t) let me remind you. LinkedIn is “the” website for professional networking. So unlike Facebook which has a more friends and family type of feel to it, or Twitter with […]

Social Media Marketing

local marketing strategies

3 Local Marketing Strategies That Work

There are so many local marketing strategies that can be put into play, but I want to hone in on three in particular. First is word of mouth marketing. I decided to look this phrase up online and discovered there is actually a Word of Mouth Marketing Association that was founded […]

5 Online Marketing Secrets for Small Business Success

It’s actually no longer a secret that online marketing is not an option anymore. It’s absolutely a requirement for your small business if you want to continue to grow and thrive. “If you build it, they will come” is not the approach to use in your online marketing. It may have been […]

online marketing secrets

client retention

Networking Secrets To Improve Customer Retention

Networking is a common strategy to growing a small business. But small business owners do not always think of networking in relation to customer retention. Building a community of happy advocates that are willing to share your brand is an important customer retention strategy and networking helps facilitate that. My […]

How To Determine The Right Pricing

How do you go about setting the pricing for your products or services? Setting goods prices may seem easier because you have actual labor and manufacturing costs and the associated materials purchasing required to make the product. Those numbers are easier to see and calculate. Yet a first time entrepreneur […]


relationship marketing

Relationship Marketing and Building Rapport

Relationship marketing and building rapport with your prospect during the sales process is one key to good salesmanship. The relationship between you as the salesman and your prospect has to begin by building trust. You don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date, and you don’t ask for […]

Business Automation: Plug the money leaks

Don’t turn a blind eye to business automation systems. It’s the equivalent of running your business with a paper bag over your head. There is a great article on Yahoo! Finance from May of 2013 by John Aberle titled Simple Systems for Organizing Your Small Business that I encourage you […]

Business Automation

market research

Which comes first the market or the product?

Which comes first the market or the product? Market Research and Building a Business How do you find a market for your business? Do you determine your products or services and then go out and beat the bushes for customers? Sitting behind a desk, cold calling potential leads all day […]