marketing ideasBeing different can make people cross the street when they see you coming. It can also cause people to remember you. What you want to make certain, is that they remember you for the right reason.

That is when being different is good.

There are numerous things you do on a regular basis to grow your business. Just like every other business in your community, your niche, or your industry; there are tasks performed to keep the machine running.

When I interviewed Kay Richardson – The Idea Ignitor, about thinking outside the box she said, “I would define “speaking out of the box” as doing something different that most people probably wouldn’t do and definitely keeping it in alignment with someone’s personality and their comfort level, but still pushing them beyond their comfort level so that they will stand out.”

Richardson went on to share an example of a simple idea executed with one of her clients. Speaking to groups is a tried and true marketing method for local business owners. Getting in front of prospects and sharing how you can benefit them is a great way to fill your marketing funnel.

One of The Idea Ignitor’s clients, a website SEO expert, wanted to leave behind a mouse pad promotional product with his audience to stay top-of-mind. “Normally the promotional company will tell you to put your logo and phone number on the mouse pad,” Richardson said, “Let’s think outside of the box. Most people have a mouse pad that they use. So why should they now replace their mouse pad that they’re comfortable with in their mind with your mouse pad? How can you create this product that you’re getting ready to invest in that people will use?”

Together they decided a thought provoking question rather than just the company’s logo, name and phone number on the mouse pad would stand out in a good way.

The mouse pads were printed with the question, “Is your website making any money?” Now, every time a user sits at their desk and reads that mouse pad, they are going to wonder if their website is doing everything it should be doing. BINGO! Being different in a good way and being remembered for the right reason.

Do not be afraid to think outside the box and share your message in a way that people will notice and remember. Just make sure people remember you for the right reason. How far you are willing to take being different is up to you.

Marketing Ideas – Thinking Outside The Box