How To Take The Headache Out Of Writing Blog Posts

Writing Blog PostsPull Back The Curtain – 3 Blog Topic Generators

Writing blog posts is not always easy, even for writers. Blog ideas can be difficult to unearth when writing is not a daily habit. Keep in mind every blog post should not be about bringing in new sales, but about bringing value to your visitors.

Here are 3 ideas to jog your creativity and fill a dwindling topic list, and hopefully take the headache out of writing blog posts. (more…)

How to Start A Blog – 10 Tips for Blogging in 2014 – Pt 2

How to Start a BlogHow to Start A Blog – Tips 1 through 5 here –>>

6. Re-purpose: This one runs two ways. If you don’t like to write, speak into your smartphone and have your post transcribed by a person or technology like Dragon Naturally Speaking. If you use video in your marketing, YouTube does a marginal job of transcribing every video loaded. Get that transcription and use it to round out a blog post. Podcasters – transcribe those podcasts and use them for blog posts. I said this runs both ways, because if you do like to write, the blog posts you’ve written can be turned into audio, podcast or video. Don’t reinvent the wheel; repurpose your content. (more…)

How to Start a Blog – 10 Tips for Blogging in 2014 -Pt 1

How to Start a BlogBlogging is a key strategy for marketing; even at the local business level so here are some friendly tips on how to start a blog that will help small businesses get seen and not take more time than you can dedicate to the task.

A blog is your creation, emphasis on the YOU. Only around 1% of bloggers actually make a living at it. That’s not the point of blogging for local businesses. As a marketing tool, local business owners should start a blog to feed the Google content monster so your website remains fresh. You also get the chance to showcase your business, expertise and leadership in your industry. Not to mention all the nifty SEO benefits but perhaps that’s another blog post.

Here are my 10 tips to get you blogging in 2014 that are sure to help grow your business.


Online Marketing Strategy

Online Marketing Strategy – There’s Only One You Need To Know

online marketing strategyThe only online marketing strategy that EVERY small business should be using IMMEDIATELY is blogging. Never has a small business marketing strategy been this powerful or this easy to do.

Thank you Google!

Imagine if there was a tool that let people in your target market find you instantly when they did a Google search.

If your business website could show up on page one of Google search results before more popular sites in your market, in your local area, without paying for it, what would that be worth to you?

Because that’s what blogging will do for your business. It can place you ahead of the crowd in your local business market

And yes we have Google to thank for it.


#Blog Posts and Google Authorship

Blog Posts and Google Authorship

blog postsThis month I’ve been hitting the concept of Google Plus hard;  blog posts and Google Authorship are part of that closely woven strategy that will get your local business noticed online.

Well here’s the skinny on blog posts, Google search, G+ and Google Authorship and why Google Plus is a game changer this year for your business.

Around September 2012, Google instituted a program called Google Authorship. Now remember the purpose of Google. Google is a search engine. Their imperative is to deliver the MOST relevant search results possible to every user on earth. That is a HUGE undertaking. Google Authorship is another cog in the machine of that process of delivering search results.


Why Blog for Business

Why Blog for Business

why blog for businessWhy Blog for Business – Your Small Business Marketing

Why indeed! If you think blogging means having to sit at a computer everyday thinking up something important or witty to say to a non-existent audience, then you’ve missed the boat on the important questions of, why blog for business.

Business blogs and blogging are not generally about making money or churning out content daily or worse, several times a day. EEK!

No my dear fellow small business professionals. Blogging is about marketing small business. Business blogging is a way for your company to build a background and platform that lets customers and potential customers understand the core business philosophies underpinning your brand.

I believe it’s less than 1% of blogs [noun: online web logs written and read on the interwebs] that actually make the blogger [noun: person who writes a web log] a full time income.

Nope. Most blogging [verb: the act of writing a web log] is not done for profit. Although that is often the intent of starting the blog for many Internet entrepreneurs.