Discover 3 Simple Public Speaking Tips to Booking More Speaking Engagements

Public Speaking TipsPublic speaking may be a well-noted fear, but is also how smart Baby Boomers are growing their businesses.

A question I am often asked is, “Where do I find audiences?” That is a great question! It is actually far easier than you might think to find places to speak. Here are 3 simple public speaking tips to booking more speaking engagements immediately. (more…)

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking Tips

Public Speaking – Biggest Fear or Fastest Path to Cash?

Public Speaking

Okay, I looked it up, because I roll like that; fear of public speaking is called Glassophobia. Not that you are expected to remember it but I like learning new words.

It’s said that 75% of people experience some kind of nervousness or anxiety in relation to public speaking. A little nervousness is a good thing in my opinion. It keeps you on your toes and your brain alert.

But for those who find the thought of speaking in public mind numbingly dreadful, I urge you to think of it in a new light. Because as one of my mentors, Suzanne Evans, says, public speaking is your fastest path to cash if you are an entrepreneur trying to run and grow a business.

And truthfully, I have to agree. Public speaking has been the single most important activity in growing my business and continues to be a part of my boutique marketing firm’s success path in acquiring new clients and new opportunities.

When we talk about public speaking, don’t get your panties in a twist imaging that you have to be on a big stage with thousands of people looking at you waiting for you to do or say something brilliant. It’s not that complicated. (more…)