marketing is expensiveAs our economy continues to struggle, one of the first things to go in a business budget is the line item for marketing. Marketing is expensive.

Here are three low cost ways to market your business right now.

Speaking – Speaking is the fastest path to cash. It does not cost anything to speak to groups of ideal prospects. The only investment is your time to find audiences and prepare a talk that will inspire them to do business with you.

Social Media – It is free but does require your time and effort to work. Social media is a long-term initiative that should be implemented through a well-developed strategy. Automation can help with time management.

Networking – Your local community is likely full of business networking groups, philanthropic groups and more. There are many opportunities to get together with people who could become clients or lead you to ideal clients. Again, the only investment is your time to attend meetings and make connections.

Nothing is free. Even free requires your time. However, if cash flow is an issue, there are ways to market your business that are not expensive. The one thing you absolutely must do is marketing. Cease marketing and the sales funnel dries up.

When the economy makes business growth tough, marketing budgets are often the first thing to be cut. That is a mistake. Marketing is expensive because it leads to growth, but not marketing is even more expensive.