Writing Blog PostsPull Back The Curtain – 3 Blog Topic Generators

Writing blog posts is not always easy, even for writers. Blog ideas can be difficult to unearth when writing is not a daily habit. Keep in mind every blog post should not be about bringing in new sales, but about bringing value to your visitors.

Here are 3 ideas to jog your creativity and fill a dwindling topic list, and hopefully take the headache out of writing blog posts.

  1. FAQs – Make a list of the most frequently asked questions your customers ask. The answer to each question is a blog post.
  2. Process – Pull back the curtain on your processes. Writing about the method you or your employees use to achieve a particular result will naturally be conversational in tone. Conversation appeals to readers.
  3. Media – When you hear or read something that you have a strong opinion about, make a note of it on your topic list. As long as the subject is appropriate for you to expound on as a business topic, use it right away. Timely topics will get more traffic.

Keep a running list of potential topics. When it is time to write another blog post and inspiration has abandoned you, read your list. Something will spark and that blank white screen will be full in no time.

How To Take The Headache Out Of Writing Blog Posts