Kindle 2 - Wireless Reading DeviceMy First Wireless Reading Device

My husband got me the greatest gift for my birthday last month…

An Amazon Kindle 2 Wireless Reading Device.

This gadget is by far one of, if not “the”, best gifts he’s ever given me. It’s quickly become my absolute favorite.

I have the 6″ screen version which can hold 1500 e books. It’s really light weight and easy to hold. I’m so spoiled now, that I hate holding onto standard books.

If you’re looking for a really great Christmas gift for yourself or someone you know who loves to read, you have to consider the Kindle 2 wireless reading device.

You can learn all the details at this dedicated website:

Kindle Wireless Reading Device

It’s an amazing gadget that does so much more than just hold your electronic media. Check it out soon though, because last year they sold out long before Christmas and people were auctioning them on eBay for far more than Amazon was charging. You don’t want to get stuck in that situation.

Update: How the iPad has impacted my lonely Kindle 2. Amazon has a Kindle app which of course made it’s way to my iPad 2. There doesn’t seem to be any reason that I can find to use both the Kindle 2 and the iPad 2. I only carry one of them with me now because I can read all my Kindle wireless reading device content on the iPad. So now my Kindle 2, while a favorite, sits unused and unloved in my nightstand drawer. It’s sad, I know. But not surprising, because my tablet allows me to do so much more than the Kindle. For example, I can listen to music while I read, take a break and check email or Facetime, go on Facebook or Twitter and engage with my social communities.

While the Amazon Kindle wireless reading device holds a special place in my heart, it just doesn’t play in the same league as Apple’s iPad 2.