Twilight EclipseThe film, Twilight Eclipse is absolutely my favorite of the series so far!

I was lucky enough to get tickets on June 30th and went with my youngest son and my oldest son’s girlfriend. The theater was XD which must be like an Imax screen or something because the faces were huge. It felt like the actors were falling off the screen into our laps (which is not a criticism :))

The following Sunday, I saw Eclipse again with two of my sons and a girlfriend with her two sons,  and was really able to take it all in. My first impression had been that the film didn’t stick to the book because things were definitely happening out of order.

But really, I was only aware of that fact because I’d just finished reading Eclipse again before seeing the movie. So the second time around, it was easier to see how smooth the screenplay was at weaving the whole story into 2 hours.

It was really enjoyable to get to know some of the other characters in the film this time around. To hear Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Rosalie Hale (Nikki Reed) have an actual dialogue was great. And Jasper Whitlock (Jackson Rathbone), well let’s just say we’re all glad he can talk to Bella without trying to kill her!

Let’s all admit that I have to acknowledge Edward Cullen (sigh) because I’m definitely Team Edward. Robert Pattinson is just too fun to look at.

Low and behold,  my niece came for a visit which gave me a reason to see the Eclipse a third time because she’s my extra special Twilight buddy!

And now I can honestly say, it is my favorite of the series. Now I have to count the days until the Eclipse DVD is available, plus be on the look out for fans getting early pics of the upcoming filming of Breaking Dawn. Come on Thanksgiving 2011. I can’t wait.