twilight new moonWell, the wait is definitely over!

The long awaited sequel to Twilight is New Moon starring Rob Pattinson as Edward Cullen (go Team Edward), Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan and Taylor Lautner as Jacob BlackĀ  had a killer weekend opening. Reports state that the second in the movie franchise collected $140.7 million this past opening weekend which puts it third on the all time list in the US.

My sons and I looked forward greatly to attending the film. I bought our tickets a week ahead of time for a Saturday afternoon showing. We sat in a packed theater, too close to the screen and endured screaming teenage girls throughout the entire movie.

Only one of my sons had read the book. I wasn’t certain if someone who hadn’t read the story would enjoy the movie but he absolutely did.

The story seemed to move slowly and yet contained all the necessary scenes and dialogue to capture the novel. New Moon was my least favorite of the books so I was reluctantly looking forward to the film. The production values have improved tremendously over Twilight and I for one appreciated the larger feel of the film.

Okay, now for my confession. I’ve already admitted to a Twilight Addiction so I don’t mind saying that I’d also bought tickets for myself and my one son who introduced me to the novels to see the film again on Sunday afternoon of opening weekend.

The theater had a very different vibe on Sunday. Couples and families filled the theater this time. Many of the couples were older (grandparent age) and there were far more men in the audience than there had been Saturday night.

While I enjoyed the movie the first time, I couldn’t decide how I felt about it. But after seeing it the second time, I thoroughly fell in love with the film. If my husband wouldn’t kill me, I’d go see it again. Alas, I will just have to wait for the DVD to come out and satisfy myself with reading the books again. (I’m up to Breaking Dawn again).

I really love this franchise and the novels. I’ve noticed online that people either “get it” and love the whole thing or the really put it down. There is no inbetween. But my additiction is still strong.