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Social Media ManagementOy, enough already with the social media management, the pinning, the liking, the following…

Sometimes it feels like this is all anybody talks about, all I’m training on, all my audiences want to know more about when I’m sharing with novices in the online world.

And therein lies the key factor. Novices in the online world. There are your early adopters and then there are those that come late to the party. Now I’ve often been an early adopter much to my own detriment [the Saturn automobile, Gateway desktop computer and iPad one to name a few] but in business, early adoption can be really stupid or a one-way ticket to SUCCESS.

The problem for small business marketing, is knowing when to pull that trigger. And sadly, most small and medium sized business owners take the wait and see approach, which as a fiscal conservative, I can’t blame them for.


We are long past the early adoption phase of social media and social media management as part of the small business marketing mix.

So while I sometimes still can’t believe we’re talking about social media as a “maybe” in marketing for small business, I understand the novice mindset. As Bruce Lee said, to continue learning you have to be willing to “empty your cup”. It’s the beginners mind that allows me to continue learning in my martial arts and it’s that same mindset that will help me see into the psyche of my clients and those small business owners that I have pledged to help arrive in the twenty-first century.

Deciding what to write about for this week’s blog post, which usually ties to my radio show for the week and is dependent on the guest and their topic, had me groaning at first because here I was back at social media management and the use of said social media marketing practices for small business. Sometimes, it feels like I’ve talked the subject to death.

But the sheer volume of small businesses that still don’t have a website and are still uncertain how or if they should be using social media in their marketing (if they are even doing any active marketing) keeps my cup empty. My mission is to help one million small business owners increase their revenue by $1,000,000 each because small business is a Trillion Dollar industry. It’s the backbone of the American economy. Entrepreneurs are arriving on the proverbial shores by the boatload since 2008 and they need help.

So the Trillion Dollar Marketing Movement thrives, small business marketing is still essential to a growing economy and social media marketing HAS to be part of that mix.

Like Optimus Prime, I’m calling out to all small business owners and letting them know that there are those of us out here who can help them climb out of the late adopters club. There is still room for social media to have a sizable impact on small business growth. Actually it’s indispensable for growth, customer service, legacy and much, much more. And there is plenty of information available on the interwebs about the logistics of social media management dos and don’ts to help the novice get educated.

When your time comes, know that I’m here and I’m ready to help you with your social media management.

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