Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

If you want to reach the under 30 Millenials,
then you better know how to text.

Mobile Marketing in Local Business

I believe that mobile marketing will be the bridge that connects traditional direct marketing for small business with the world of online marketing. Let’s face it, the world has changed and it’s not finished yet.

If you want to converse with a Millenial [AKA: Generation Y, Echo Boomers and Generation Next] who in general terms is anyone born from approximately 1980-2001, warm up those thumbs!

It’s very difficult to communicate with a Millenial if you don’t text. It’s their preferred method of communication and they are the second largest age demographic after baby boomers.

To ignore them in your local marketing is a serious mistake. Generation Y were the first to grow up with computers in their homes and 500 television channels. They think nothing of walking around with a phone that has ZERO wires connected to a wall.

Mobile Marketing and Social Media

Another important factor that defines the Echo Boomers is social media. They use social networking to communicate at an unprecedented rate. Their digital culture is monitored, studied and deconstructed for marketing purposes on a full time basis by companies like MTV.

So if we need social media and texting to reach a younger demographic and we arguably need direct marketing to reach an older demographic, what’s a local business owner to do?

The answer my friends is simple. We need to incorporate mobile marketing into our traditional marketing like direct mail, Val Pak, newspapers, Yellow Pages [although I don’t know why you would ever buy another ad in the YPs, that’s just silly], Penny Saver — you name the old fashioned print and I’ll find a way to incorporate mobile marketing into the mix.

Mobile Marketing Is A Fresh Take That Builds A Bridge

Mobile marketing not only builds a bridge between any direct marketing for small business but it also builds a bridge between the online and offline worlds which means a connection to Generation Y and the Boomers.

Next time you see a QR code, scan it and see where it goes. Try opting in to a texting campaign to watch what happens next. It’s bound to give you ideas on how to incorporate this new technology [for the old farts] that is really old hat for the Millenials into your existing local marketing efforts. There are many clever ways to use mobile marketing in conjunction with social media and print media to keep the multi-point conversation going.

Remember, marketing is no longer a push out to the consumer but a series of roads leading them to your small business. The more methods you use to reach potential customers…that’s right, the more roads you’ve built. Today’s prospect wants to be able to find you online before they visit you offline.

When in Rome…

Every local small business has to reach the customer where the customer hangs out. Don’t expect to reach anyone under 32 today if you only use newspaper inserts or Val Pak because they aren’t paying attention. Be where your customers are. Use mobile marketing to build the bridge.



About Kalynn Amadio

Kalynn Amadio is passionate about helping Baby Boomers triumph in this ever-changing world of the Internet, social media, video and mobile technology. Kalynn specializes in helping savvy and motivated boomers find realistic solutions and unexpected ideas to building a profitable business. She is the creator of ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business podcast on iTunesĀ® and author of the upcoming book, The Boomer's Ultimate Guide To Social Media Marketing. Hear a new episode of ACT LOCAL Marketing for Small Business podcast every Tuesday at 1pm Eastern. About Kalynn on her blog -- Kalynn Amadio+ on Google Plus

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